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Coravin Sparkling™

Taste the sparkle every day with Coravin Sparkling™ Sparkling Wine Preservation System – now available for purchase.

Preserve Sparkling Wines for up to 4 Weeks

The Coravin Sparkling™ Sparkling Wine Preservation System preserves the crisp flavor and effervescence of your favorite sparkling wines for up to 4 weeks, ensuring that the last glass will taste just as amazing as the first.


Universal Secure Fit for Standard Bottles up to Magnums

The patent pending Sparkling Stopper adjusts to fit any standard or magnum bottle and locks securely in place.

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Coravin Pure™ Sparkling CO2 Capsules

These proprietary Capsules are filled with pure CO2 preserve the flavor and bubbles in your bottles. Each Capsule preserves up to 7 standard 750ml bottles.

Imagine if you will, a Champagne bar with 70 or 80 sparkling wines by the glass. That is my dream. And I’m not alone.

Greg Lambrecht


How to Use Coravin Sparkling™

Install the Sparkling Stopper

After you have poured as much sparkling wine as you desire, raise the Stopper's Locking Handle all the way up to the unlocked position. Place the Stopper on the open bottle and firmly press the Locking Handle down until it is flush.

Charge the Bottle with CO2

Check the Pressure Indicator to ensure it is green, indicating that there is a Coravin Pure™ Sparkling CO2 Capsule installed. Align the Charger on top of the Stopper and press down firmly. The Pressure Indicator will change to red, indicating that the bottle is ready to charge. When the Indicator changes back to green, the bottle is fully charged.

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How to Use Coravin Sparkling™

Visual CO2 Indicator

Know when your bottle is fully charged with CO2 gas or when to replace your Capsule with the easy-to-read status indicator.

Tilt to Release Gas

When you are ready to remove the Stopper, you can release pressure in the bottle by simply tilting the Stopper. Then, pull up the Locking Handle fully to remove.

Safety Features

The Sparkling Charger is designed with an internal regulator that stops charging the bottle when the appropriate pressure has been reached.

Sparkling Wine 101: Facts and Pairings

With the release of Coravin Sparkling™, we’re getting our wine-loving audience familiar with everything bubbly. Read on for tips and food pairings.

In the News: Coravin Continues to Revolutionize the Wine Industry with New Sparkling System

“Coravin, Inc., the premier global wine technology company, announced today the debut of the highly anticipated Coravin Sparkling™ Sparkling Wine Preservation System, a new product innovation poised to transform the industry and change the way the world enjoys sparkling wine...

"With the Coravin Sparkling™ System, consumption of champagne, prosecco, cava and other sparkling wines no longer needs to be limited to occasions when the full bottle will be consumed within a short period of time because of lost effervescence."

Tested and Loved by Wine Professionals

Yohann Jousselin Headshot

Yohann Jousselin, Master Sommelier

Assistant Vice President, Food & Beverage (Wine), Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd.

After testing the Coravin Sparkling System, we consider it an amazing addition to our wine tools. We are finally able to expand our sparkling wines by-the-glass program without the risk of wastage.

Daniel Johnnes Headshot

Daniel Johnnes

Founder of La Paulée and Corporate Wine Director for Daniel Boulud

I could not be more thrilled about the timing of the new Coravin Sparkling System. I will now be able to sample Champagne or any sparkling wine with the same excitement as still wines. This is the hottest category of wines and people have finally discovered that sparkling wine, especially Champagne, is not just a wine for celebrations. They are wines for pairing with your meal. I can now have a glass of Blanc de Blancs with my appetizer and move on to fuller bodied styles with the main course. And most importantly, I can do that and know the sparkling wine will still be fresh for another day!


Daniel Primack

Managing Director, Winerackd, UK

The Coravin Sparkling system is easy to use and I have been impressed with the results. The Champagne I tested and tasted was wonderfully drinkable even weeks later, having sealed the bottle shortly after each pour. This is going to mean more Sparkling, more variety, more often with little or no risk of waste. It should quickly become the solution for Sparkling, that Coravin Timeless is for still wine.