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Easter Dinner Menu and Wine Pairing

三月 02, 2021

Written By Coravin

When we looked back at our Easter-themed article from last year, we realized that this year looks similar but there is a feeling of hopefulness in the air. Much of what felt new and stressful then – incessant sanitizing, frequent hand-washing, mask wearing, and social distancing – is something we’ve grown used to these days.

Why does this year feel more hopeful? Well, with vaccine rollout underway and a good segment of the U.S. population vaccinated already, some families will be able to spend time indoors with loved ones for the first time in months –heck, 12+ months for some folks (check CDC guidelines here). For the many of us who will continue to socially distance this Easter, we have some great wine and food pairings for your Zoom dinner spread. Also, maybe now is the time to teach grandma how to use Zoom’s makeup filters. 

How to create an Easter dinner menu

Are you a ham or lamb family? Does your Easter crowd like hot crossed buns or an Italian Easter bread? Here are some Easter classics to consider adding to your menu:

In our quick recipe search, we also found some really adorable Easter bunny bum cakes decorated with shredded coconut, rice cereal treats shaped into bird nests to hold chocolate eggs, and strawberries dipped in white chocolate dyed orange to camouflage them as carrots. Don’t be afraid to get creative this Easter – if a dish turns out bad, it can be easily forgiven with a good class of wine.

Wine pairings for Easter dinner

Speaking of wine, we know why you’re really here. While ham often takes center stage on the Easter dinner table, you might decide to experiment with a different kind of savory meat like lamb or something more gamey. Don’t worry, we have wines for both. 

For our classic glazed ham friends, you’ve got options. We recommend choosing a wine that’s both refreshing and sweet – rosé, sparking, light white, and a light red all fall into that category. Some options for white include a dry German Riesling or White Merlot (we know, it’s blush), and red options include Australian Shiraz or a South African Pinotage.

easter lamb

Going gamey? Lucky for us, many wines will pair perfectly with salty, gamey meats. For white wine, consider a bottle on the sweeter side such as Riesling or Chenin Blanc. Both choices will add a decent amount of body to the Easter table. Family or guests who consider themselves red wine aficionados will enjoy their holiday dinner if the entree is paired with a lighter option such as Zinfandel or Pinot Noir. 

Dessert wines for Easter

Now onto the last and, arguably, the best courses… dessert. Make sure you have a sweet wine or two to choose from. Here are some recommendations: 

  • Chocolate: Vino Santo for milk chocolate bunnies, Chianti for richer chocolate desserts 

  • Vanilla cake: Gewürztraminer or American Riesling

  • Lemon or citrus treats: Pinot Grigio 

  • Carrot cake: German Riesling or California Chardonnay

Happy Easter, friends

If you’re hosting a CDC-compliant dinner, don’t be afraid to pick up a few different bottles. Remember, you don’t have to open them all. With a Coravin wine preservation system, you can give family members exactly what they want – a glass of Riesling for grandma and a glass of Pinot Noir for you. 

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