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What People Are Saying

Learn what wine enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and professionals are saying about Coravin wine preservation systems.


Whether you're a casual wine enthusiast pouring a weekday favorite with Coravin Pivot or a wine collector pouring from a vintage bottle with Coravin Timeless, a wine preservation system from the Coravin lineup will help enhance your wine drinking experience. Here's what some wine professionals are saying.


Will Blackmon

Founder, The Wine MVP

I can recall doing all of these wine tastings with expensive wines, and when the wine tasting was over, I would have 3 or 4 bottles of wine opened... and it would be a Wednesday. I knew, 1. I'm not going to drink all of these by myself and 2. definitely not in the middle of the week. When Coravin hooked me up with my first device it was a GAME CHANGER. Now when I get wine, I can sample the wine and put it back in my wine fridge for later that week or next month. 

photo of raquel royers with hat on and wine in hand

Raquel Royers

Napa-based wine blogger at Watch Me Sip

Coravin has completely transformed the way I'm able to enjoy my wines. I'm constantly tasting wines to review them for my blog. Before I had a Coravin device, so many of those open bottles would go to waste. Now I am able to tap into them without popping the cork, which has been an absolute game changer. My favorite wine accessory, hands down!


Shakera Jones

Founder, @blackgirlsdinetoo

Coravin has revolutionized the way I enjoy wine! As a student, I was able to taste multiple wines comparatively without having to waste entire bottles. As an enthusiast, I'm able to taste bottles over time, taste a bottle that I may not yet be ready to open, and enjoy vertical flights. Coravin keeps my wines fresh for me to enjoy whenever I want!

Coravin On-Premise

With Coravin wine preservation systems, restaurants wine bars, and tasting rooms are expanding their wine by the glass menus to enable patrons taste through an endless number bottles. With elegant finishes and no-slip grips, Coravin is perfect for pouring table side.


Wine Bar George | Coravin Testimonial

George Milotes, MS, Owner of Wine Bar George at Disney Springs® at Walt Disney World® Resort

George Miliotes, MS

Owner of Wine Bar George at Disney Springs® at Walt Disney World® Resort

The beautiful thing about Coravin Timeless is that it allows us to leverage discussions with guests and open them up to new experiences.

We love the newer Coravin Pivot. Whether we're using it for our most popular wines because of its quick pour abilities, or wines with extra-long corks or vin-lok closure, it is an integral part of our program.

Daniel Boulud Renowned Chef and Restaurateur

Daniel Boulud


这种我和太太只想单喝一杯特别美酒,便会在家中用上这个小巧装置保存剩余部分。此装置既可靠,而且十分适合对葡萄酒有所讲究并希望浅尝一杯佳酿之人,令我爱不释手 。

hdst1 10 19 gene zimmerman

Gene Zimmerman

Director of Beverage Sixty Vines & Mexican Sugar

Sixty Vines strives to demystify and take the pretense out of wine. Coravin is a wonderful conduit to achieve this goal by allowing us to pour rare, sometimes obscure, and highly sought-after wines an ounce at a time and no guest gets tethered to an entire bottle(unless they want to be).

Sixty Vines strives for quality and consistency throughout our entire guest experience – whether we're pouring wine by tap or bottle. We love wine in keg because the first glass tastes just like the 130th glass. Coravin allows us the same continuity with our 60BTL program. The first pour is just as good as the last – even weeks later.

Why the Wine Industry Loves Coravin Pivot

Meet Pivot, the newest wine preservation system in the Coravin lineup. Unlike the Coravin Timeless systems (Model One, Two, Three and so on), the Pivot requires that you pull the cork. After removing the cork or other closure, simply insert the Pivot stopper and Pivot device before pouring. This method preserves your everyday, table wines for up to four weeks allowing you to match wines to your mood and meals.

Restaurateurs, sommeliers, and winery managers are all singing Pivot’s praises – namely, its durability, efficient pour, and sleek design. Learn what the pros had to say about it.

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Coravin wine preservation systems have a big impact on restaurants and wine bars when it comes to improving the guest experience, reducing waste, and selling through more wine. Here are more testimonials from our amazing partners.

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